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Suspension System and Tires Technical Parts Set for Cars

Suspension System and Tires Technical Parts Set for Cars

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Technical Parts Set Cars Suspension System with Tires Compatible with

Compatible With Major Brands

  • The technical parts gears are designed to complement major brand components.
  • Well compatible with the standard technical parts of major brands.

Technical Car Parts Included

  • The technical piece box contains gear differentials, gearbox, beams, wheels, rack, with/without friction pin connectors, chain links, shaft sleeves, shock absorbers, and cross axle series, etc.

Good Quality

  • All the technical steering parts are made of friendly ABS plastic and rubber.
  • Highly compatible, strong, and not easy to break.


  • Usually all parts are included in the package.
  • If any parts are missing, please send us the relevant description and picture, we will send you the missing parts free of charge.


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