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Remote Control Tower Crane Model for Kids Electric Play

Remote Control Tower Crane Model for Kids Electric Play

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RC Truck Children's Electric Remote Control Tower Crane Model

  • Product Material: ABS environmentally friendly plastic
  • Usage method: Remote control
  • Product size: 46 * 22 * 62cm
  • Battery power supply: 3*No. 5 batteries (self provided)
  • Remote control battery: 3*No. 5 batteries (self provided)

Product Features

Using remote control to control the 360 degree rotation of the tower crane workbench, lifting and lowering of the lifting rope, and lighting

Product Advantages

Remote control simulation operation:

  • The Workbench can be controlled to 360 degrees rotating, hang rope lifting
  • Remote control hang rope move up and down
  • Searchlight lights up when remote control hang rope

Product Details

High simulation modeling design, made of ABS environmentally friendly plastic, safe and non-toxic. Remote control control, 360 degrees rotation around, cargo lifting, rotation, transportation, unloading by the child all-round operation. Good exercise children's brain thinking ability. Simulate real construction with small slots for transporting items and simulating the real construction process. Let children exercise their thinking ability and practical ability.

Installation Method

  1. Insert four trapezoid legs into each position on the round base
  2. Insert round pylon type into round base
  3. Align the three holes at the bottom of the workbench with the round shape and insert pylon type
  4. Hook on the lifting ring at the corresponding position of the lifting arm
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