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Realistic Smoking Steam Train Model with Remote Control

Realistic Smoking Steam Train Model with Remote Control

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High Simulation Smoking Steam Spray 2.4G RC Steam Train Model

Experience the thrill of being a train captain with our high simulation smoking steam spray 2.4G RC steam train model. This is not just a toy, but a realistic and immersive train experience for any train enthusiast.

Main Features:

  • Simulation electric remote control assembled train
  • Independent assembly/four-section body/remote control
  • Realistic whistle sound for an immersive experience
  • Upgraded remote control function: brake/whistle
  • Non-toxic high-tech chimney smoke for a real steam train experience
  • Exquisite passenger and coal mine compartments for added authenticity
  • Easy smoke emission by adding oil to the chimney hole

This train model comes without the original color box for safer transportation, as we use professional packaging boxes for added protection.

Package List:

1 set Train Toy

Toyland EU
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