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Colorful Rainbow Kites for Professional Outdoor Flying

Colorful Rainbow Kites for Professional Outdoor Flying

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New Rainbow kites flying toys for children line professional winds

  • Fabric: high-grade plaid fabric
  • Specifications: 1 m /1.4 m /2 m /2.7 m
  • Release performance: Generally more than 3 wind take-off, suitable for the sea release
  • 1 meter kite size: about 100*40cm, 125g/set
  • 1.4m kite size: about 140*60cm, 160g/set
  • 1.55m kite size: about 155*67cm, 220g/set
  • 2 meter kite size: about 200*60cm, 285g/set
  • 2.7m kite size: about 270*80cm, 405g/set
  • Bag size: 25*20*3cm, with release tool + English instruction manual

In recent years, the two-line soft stunt kite has received the favor of professional outdoor kite enthusiasts. It is powerful and suitable for exciting entertainment. The kite is light in weight, not afraid of falling, and easier to carry. The flying skills for this kite are different from an ordinary single-line kite, requiring two lines to control. It is no longer about the height of the fly, but rather about the aesthetics.

Pay-off skills

Start pay-off with the two lines parallel and equal in length. Tie the two lines to the kite corner knot, and face the wind to take off.

Take-off Tips

Stand with the lee to the wind, pull the double line tightly with both hands. When the wind speed is insufficient, quickly retreat and pull the kite high.

Flight skills

Control hands parallel for straight flight, and different hands for curved or angular flight. When the two lines are entangled, pull left to left, and right to right.

Landing Tips

Wind landing and crosswind landing techniques are essential to master to ensure a smooth landing.

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