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Matek System Dual Output UBEC 4A 5V~12V & 4A 5V

Matek System Dual Output UBEC 4A 5V~12V & 4A 5V

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Matek System 4A 5V~12V & 4A 5V UBEC DUO Two output channel Build-in

Introducing the Matek System UBEC DUO 4A/5~12V & 4A/5V, designed for RC Quadcopters, RC Airplanes, and RC Multicopters. This powerful UBEC power model offers unparalleled functionality and reliability, making it an ideal choice for enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Key Features:

  • Switch-mode buck regulator: Ensures excellent quality and efficiency.
  • Two output channel: Provides versatile power output for various applications.
  • Build-in Aux control on-off function: Offers convenient and customizable control options.
  • Low input voltage alarm threshold setting: Ensures safe and reliable operation.
  • Output short-circuit protection: Safeguards the UBEC and connected devices from potential damage.
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