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Rainbow Flat Kite Tail for Delta Single Line Kite

Rainbow Flat Kite Tail for Delta Single Line Kite

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9KM 10m~30m Rainbow Flat Kite Tail for Delta Single Line Kite

9KM DWLIFE High Quality Kite Tail

  • A kite tail is also sometimes known as a laundry line because experienced kite fliers like to attach “laundry” which are usually small, lightweight objects, like spinners, line art, or bouncers, to the tail to enhance a kite’s aesthetics.
  • Why A Kite Needs A Tail
  • Many people often overlook the importance of tails when flying kites. While kite tails are a quick and often easy way to add color and flair to your kite, kite tails also help to keep the kite stable and pointed in the right direction.

  • Flat kite tails streaming in the wind~~~
  • Flat kite tails usually come pre-packed in a compact roll or folded on itself. These tails are usually long (100 feet), however you can make them as long or as short as you need for your kite. Flat kite tails are easy to setup and pack away. Kites that do well in light winds – for example: the Delta kite– work well with shorter flat tails like ribbons.


  • Brand new Length: 10M/15M/30M
  • 10M=32FT | 15M=49FT | 30M=100FT
  • Material: High quality nylon
  • Color: 5 Color Available
  • Packing: can be folded
  • Package includes: 1Pcs High Quality Kite Tail
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