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Pink Off-road Remote Control Car for Kids

Pink Off-road Remote Control Car for Kids

Normál ár $60.30
Normál ár Akciós ár $60.30
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Pink Rc Remote Control Car Electric Drive Off-road Big Wheel High

JJRC Hot New 2.4G Remote Control Pink Big Wheel Off-road Mountain Climbing Car, is a fantastic toy for children that offers thrilling off-road adventures. With its electric drive, this remote control car is built for high performance and offers an exciting play experience for kids.

  • 2.4G Remote Control: Provides stable and flexible control of the car.
  • Off-road Mountain Climbing: Designed for off-road terrain and mountain climbing, adding adventure to playtime.
  • Big Wheel Design: The large wheels enhance stability and enable the car to conquer various terrains.
  • Children's Toy: Perfect as a gift for the holiday season or any special occasion.
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