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Comet 2.2m 2 Line Sound-Enhanced Stunt Kite for Beginners

Comet 2.2m 2 Line Sound-Enhanced Stunt Kite for Beginners

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Freilein 2.2m 2 Line Stunt Kite Flying With Sound Beginner Acrobatic

Little Sweetbomb with Sound Effects
The 2.2m 2 Line Stunt Kite, known as Little Sweetbomb, creates a thrilling sound during flight, enhancing the excitement as the wind picks up.

  • Beginner-Friendly Acrobatics
    The Small Cannonball is an advanced entry level sport kite that is perfect for beginners due to its easy handling and forgiving flying characteristics. It accelerates the learning process and forgives typical steering errors.
  • Durable Construction
    Crafted with a mix of fiberglass and carbon-fiberglass hybrid technology, the kite's frame is solid and nearly indestructible, capable of withstanding numerous crashes with ease.
  • Precise and Stable Flight
    The Small Cannonball dual line stunt kite ensures a precise and stable flight even at higher wind speeds, making it an ideal choice for learning all the basic tricks.

Product Information

  • Wingspan: 220cm / 86.6inch
  • Height: 85cm / 33.5inch
  • Weight: 248g / 8.7ounces
  • Frame Material: Ripstop PC40Vented
  • Panel Material: Mylar laminate Fabric
  • Flying Lines: 2x 30m x 150lb
  • Wrist Straps: 12.2" (31cm)
  • Wind Range: 2-20MPH / 3-32KMH
  • Skill Level: Beginner-Expert
  • Package includes: 2.2m 2 Line Stunt Kite or Stunt Kite + Set
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