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Granville SS05 Black Apple Adaptable Robot Toy by WEIJIANG

Granville SS05 Black Apple Adaptable Robot Toy by WEIJIANG

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WEIJIANG Granville SS05 Transformation Toys Robot Black Apple

  • Product Packaging and Details
  • Deformable Model Robot Imperfections
  • Clarifications and Contacting the Merchant
  • Product Condition and Signing Upon Delivery

1. Due to the fact that the manufacturer may change the product packaging, details, or attachments without any prior notice, the products you receive may not be completely consistent with the advertising images in the store. This type of situation does not constitute a description inconsistency, and placing an order assumes acceptance of this clause.

2. The deformable model robot is not an industrial product, let alone an artwork, but a regular toy. The toy itself may have various defects and imperfections, such as slight color differences, loose or tight joints of the robot's hands and feet (some can be adjusted by tightening screws), model glue marks, and a small amount of slight scratches during transportation. Such situations do not constitute product defects, and placing an order will accept this clause by default.

3. If perfectionists are required for the product, please contact the merchant for clarification before placing an order. Please select the corresponding SKU for the order.

4. Our product is brand new. To avoid disputes, please contact the merchant promptly if you have any unclear points. We will reply to you as soon as we receive the information.

5. When you receive the product, please do not sign for it. First, check if the product is in good condition. If there is any damage, please ask the logistics provider to provide a damage certificate in a timely manner for the convenience of claims settlement. If the product you purchased is "no box", please note the following: Products that are not protected by the original box may collide during transportation and damage the product. The damage may not be the surface damage, and qualitative changes will occur during the deformation process, and the parts will become fragile due to collision and easily cause damage. But not every product will be like this, it is just a matter of probability. If you can accept these, then buy "no box" products."No box" will use a foam box instead of the original box. The following picture is an example. On the basis of the original packaging color box, there will be a layer of yellow hard paper box. Adding anti-collision protection at the 8 corners of the hard paper box can ensure that the box can reach you in good condition.

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