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Orchid Building Blocks Set with LED Lights

Orchid Building Blocks Set with LED Lights

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Orchid Blocks Construction | Orchid Building Blocks Set | Orchid

Product Details:

  • Block Size: Small building block (Compatible with Lego)
  • Certification: CE
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Plastic Block Shape: Self-Locking Bricks
  • Plastic Type: ABS
  • Model Number: LLK513
  • Warning: Inedible
  • Material: Plastic
  • Recommend Age: 12+y, 18+, 14+y
  • Origin:

Package Details:

  • Package: New In Original Box
  • Package Include: LED Light Set only

Additional Information:

  • Current: 1 A is recommended
  • Power: Less than 5v
  • Instruction: Printed Instruction
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