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Chinese Shadow Puppet DIY Material Kit for Kids - Paper Theater Puppets

Chinese Shadow Puppet DIY Material Kit for Kids - Paper Theater Puppets

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Puppet Chinese Shadow Toy Kids Hand Paper Theater Puppets Traditional

  • Material: Paper + metal
  • Size: About 26.5-32cm/10.43-12.6in
  • Weight: About 40g

Shadow Puppets are Performance Props for Chinese Shadow Puppetry. They are easy to install and use, and they come in various shapes and colors. You can create funny stories and scenes with these puppets, and impress your audience with your skills. These shadow puppets are also a good gift for anyone who loves culture and creativity.

Skill Development

These performance props are not only fun, but also educational. They help you develop your imagination and creativity in shadow puppetry, a unique art form. You also learn to control the shadow puppets with a light source, which improves your hand-eye coordination and hands-on ability.

Global Appeal

Shadow puppets are a fascinating art form that originated in China and spread to various countries all over the world. They have been loved and cherished by generations of people, and preserved by museums as valuable cultural treasures. They reflect the diversity and richness of human civilization.

Detailed Design

These shadow puppets are carefully crafted with bright colors and different modeling, making them funny and lovely for kids to play with.

Promote Interaction

The shadow puppets come with paper material and manual installation instructions, so you and your kids can create your own shadow puppet toy and have DIY fun. This will enhance your parent-child relationship and spark their imagination.

DIY Activity with Love

This puppet making kit is a perfect gift idea for anyone who likes to have fun and be creative. You can make your own shadow puppets with love and show them to your loved ones.

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