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Optimus Prime 20cm First Edition Adaptable Toy

Optimus Prime 20cm First Edition Adaptable Toy

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YOLOPARK adaptable, Superhero Optimus Prime

Please protect this family, Autobots, as they protect you. Guard them, guard their future ! —— Optimus Prime

  • Official Authentic: All products are official genuine, please feel free to purchase with confidence.
  • Product category: Assembly model
  • Product height: 20cm
  • Notice: Watch for Children can not eat

This Yolopark adaptable Optimus Prime 20cm is a genuine adaptable toy, ensuring high-quality and durability. The 20cm Optimus Prime model is intricately detailed, appealing to fans of the franchise. Being a first edition version makes it a rare and valuable addition to any collection. Made from PVC material, this figure is lightweight and easy to handle, perfect for playtime. Get your hands on this authentic and remarkable Optimus Prime model today!

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