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FCS 2 Twin Fin Surfboard Keel Fins for Kitesurfing

FCS 2 Twin Fin Surfboard Keel Fins for Kitesurfing

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UPSURF FCS 2 Twin Fin Quilha Kitesurf Keel Fins Surfing Fiberglass

Speciation Packing:

  • 2 fins
  • Color: Optional
  • Base Types Fit for double tab 2 II Fin System

Recommended Usage

Recommended for all board types including fish, funboard, and twin fin boards.

Product Design

Designed with plenty of curve in the leading and trailing edge to provide smooth rail to rail transitions. A thicker, flat foil provides grip through big turns and open face waves.

Details (Note)

Due to the material and craftsmanship of the product, each set of this product has the same appearance and slightly different details. There is no guarantee that the details of each set are the same.

Toyland EU
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