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Highly Detailed Technical Racing Car Model Building Blocks - Electric Version Available

Highly Detailed Technical Racing Car Model Building Blocks - Electric Version Available

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Technical Racing Sport Car Model Building Blocks City Mechanical Speed

Experience the thrill of building and owning a highly authentic technical racing sport car model. At a size of 14.17in(L) x 6.50in(W) x 3.35n(H), this model features realistic body color matching and intricate details including a W16 engine, H.O.G system, Full Time 4-wheel linkage, electroplated hubs, active rear wing, opening doors and hood, suspension, and detailed interior. Perfect for display in your home or office and a must-have for any car enthusiast.

Key Features:

  • Instruction manual*1
  • Building block toys*1
  • Power Motor*1
  • Servo Steering Motor*1
  • Large-capacity Lithium Battery*1
  • Wireless remote control handle*1


Choose from two versions: Static version for a basic model without RC and power functions, or Dynamic version for the upgraded electric version with power and RC functions. The Dynamic version requires AAA batteries for the remote control and battery box, offering non-rechargeable convenience.

Quality and Safety:

The miniature blocks are made of high-quality and durable non-toxic green material, ensuring safety for children. They are CE certified, meeting safety standards and regulations for children's toys. Enjoy peace of mind knowing it's safe for your little ones.

Benefits and Use Cases:

  • Small building block size allows for intricate and detailed designs, making it a great educational toy for children
  • Compatible with Lego, offering endless possibilities and creativity in building structures
  • Provides an educational experience for children, helping them develop their problem-solving and fine motor skills

Embark on an exciting building journey and unleash your creativity with this technical racing sport car model building blocks set. For any missing parts, our online customer service is here to help. Please note that the set contains small parts, and caution should be taken to prevent swallowing.

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