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High-Quality Stainless Steel Drive Shaft Kit for RC Boats

High-Quality Stainless Steel Drive Shaft Kit for RC Boats

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Rc Boat 4mm Boat Shaft Stainless Steel Drive Shaft Three Blades Screw

This RC boat shaft kit is a high-quality, precision-engineered set designed for smooth and efficient performance. With its stainless steel construction and cutting-edge design, it offers exceptional functionality and durability.

Key Features and Details:

  • Pack Included: X1 Piece Shft Kit with Blades and Universal Joint
  • All options have a 4mm shaft size
  • Universal joint size options available
  • Default shipment includes three 36mm CW blades


  • Brand: SKYAREA®
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Shaft Diameter: 4mm
  • Sleeve Diameter: 10mm
  • Shaft Length: Available in various sizes (10/15/20/25/30/35 cm etc.)
  • Sleeve Length: 5cm shorter than shaft length
  • Bearing: Mounted with two high-quality high-speed bearings
  • Waterproof silica ring added


  • Designed and produced in our own workshop
  • New design with stainless steel and high-precision manufacturing
  • High concentricity of the shaft and sleeve tube
  • Waterproof treatment on both sides of the sleeve tube
  • Improved shaft and sleeve tube concentricity with high-precision production

Sales Option Explanation:

For example: L25-H20-motor 3.17

  • L25= Shaft length is 25cm
  • H20= Shaft Sleeve is 20cm
  • Compatible motor shaft is 3.17mm

Enhance your RC boat's performance with this top-of-the-line stainless steel drive shaft kit. Enjoy the precision, durability, and reliability it brings to your watercraft adventures!

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