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Chinese Shadow Puppetry DIY Craft Kit for Kids

Chinese Shadow Puppetry DIY Craft Kit for Kids

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Dragon Puppets Shadow Chinese Puppetry Puppet Kids Diy Paper Craft


  • The shadow puppetry is made of paper materials and can be for a long time.
  • No special smell, very safe for children.
  • It can cultivate children's ability to use their hands and brains.
  • It is a perfect early childhood education tool.


  • Color: As shown
  • Material: Paper
  • Size: 34.00X26.00X1.00cm/13.36X10.22X0.39in
  • It is meticulously made and the color is not easy to fade after long time use.
  • Help to exercise children's hand-brain coordination and fine finger movements.
  • You can spend a cozy family time with your children by making the shadow puppetry together.
  • The product is well-made, suitable for kindergartens, families, parents and children.
  • It can help stimulate children's interest in performing shadow puppetry.

1 x Chinese Shadow Puppetry Toy

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