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Kids' Luminous Stomp Rocket Launcher Toy

Kids' Luminous Stomp Rocket Launcher Toy

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Children's Foot-stepping Small Rocket Toys Outdoor Luminous Ejection

Introducing the Children's Foot-stepping Small Rocket Toys - the ultimate year-round fun for kids! Let your little ones run, jump, and stomp with these exciting outdoor luminous ejection rockets. Watch as the toy foam rockets soar up to 100ft, providing endless entertainment and excitement.

Designed to encourage active play, this high-quality toy will have kids engaged in fun, indoor or outdoor activities, keeping them away from screen time. Built to last for hours of enjoyment, it's the perfect way to promote exercise and burn off extra energy - 100% kid-powered!

The durable launch stand makes it easy to set up and ensures hours of jumping and stomping fun. This toy is an excellent gift for boys and girls, promoting STEM learning while raising smarter, healthier, and happier kids. The adjustable launcher allows children to experiment with force and trajectory, sparking their interest in science, technology, engineering, and math.

Product Details:

  • Material: EVA
  • Package: opp bag
  • Size: 26 * 13 * 22.5cm
  • Suitable age: over 3 years old
  • Package includes: launcher and 1* rocket (or 3*rocket)
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