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400pcs Assorted Color Building Blocks with Smooth Surface

400pcs Assorted Color Building Blocks with Smooth Surface

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400pcs DIY Building Blocks Figure Bricks Smooth 1x1 24Color

This set of 400 DIY building blocks offers endless creative possibilities for builders of all ages. Each smooth 1x1 brick comes in 24 vibrant colors, providing a wide range of options for constructing imaginative designs.

Key Features:

  • 400 pieces of smooth 1x1 building blocks
  • Available in 24 different colors
  • High-quality construction for durability
  • Compatible with other standard building block sets


  • Encourages creativity and fine motor skills
  • Provides a wide variety of color options for versatile designs
  • Compatible with other building block sets for expanded construction possibilities

Use Cases:

  • Perfect for children's playtime and educational activities
  • Ideal for building intricate models, structures, and mosaics
  • Suitable for DIY projects and creative hobbies
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