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Baby Teether Insect Fidget Spinner and Rattle Toy

Baby Teether Insect Fidget Spinner and Rattle Toy

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1/2PCS Fidget Spinner Toys Rotating Rattles Baby Teether Insect

These fidget spinner toys are not just for children! Made from durable plastic, these toys serve multiple purposes and offer various benefits:

  • Versatile Use: Can be used as rotating rattles, baby teethers, or suction cup spinning top toys, suitable for infants (0-3 years old).
  • Interactive Bath Time: Can be used as bath toys, easily adhering to the wall or bathtub, making bath time more enjoyable for babies.
  • Strong Suction Cup: Features a large, strong suction cup at the bottom, suitable for smooth surfaces like tiles and glass.
  • Nylon Bearings: Built-in nylon bearings allow for non-stop, smooth 360° rotation, aiding in the development of hand-eye coordination.
  • Pleasant Sound: Contains a built-in small ball that creates a pleasant rustling sound, enhancing the baby's hearing and attracting their attention.
  • Skin-softening Technology: Designed to delicately care for the baby's skin and exercise their fine hand movements without causing any discomfort.
  • Mealtime Soother: Can be used to attract the baby's attention and soothe their mood while they sit and eat.
  • Interesting Shapes: Available in three cute shapes - dinosaur, insect, and rabbit - stimulating the baby's imagination and providing unlimited fun.
  • Almighty Coaxing: These three-dimensional cute pets serve as multi-scene comfort tools for children.

Unleash the fun and benefits of these fidget spinner toys - a great addition to your baby's playtime and development activities. Package includes 1 toy.

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